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BAPP (BankID App) is a product development initiative concerning a series of mobile apps (BAPP1, BAPP2, BAPP3) as outlined in the following table:

BAPP1 is a HA2-app in BankID vocabulary and is a pure supporting app for the BankID web-client. BAPP2 and BAPP3 are supporting apps for the BankID web-client when signing documents, but can be used in stand-alone mode (ie. without the BankID web-client) for authentication.

The value-proposition for BAPP1 is to offer a mobile user-experience for an increased base of BankID-consumers. BAPP1 also has a short time-to-market since it requires no effort for merchants and little effort for issuing banks.

The value-proposition for BAPP2 is to support use of BankID with the ease of biometry (touch/face), thus offering an alternative to the BankID-password. BAPP2 requires some extra effort for merchants, but no extra effort for issuing banks beyond BAPP1.

BAPP3 represents the ultimate objective with its key value-proposition to offer digital-onboarding of new BankID consumers. BAPP3 requires no extra efforts for merchants, but some extra efforts for issuing banks beyond BAPP2.

 This represents the current product view for BAPP and is not a commited roadmap. The decision to actually deliver BAPP1, BAPP2 or BAPP3 to the market is yet to be taken

 Expand for further details on BAPP product features...

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