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BankID has completed a Proof-of-Concept for BAPP2 with biometrics. The idea is that biometric factors such as fingerprints and faces may be used as a replacement for the BankID password, in order to improve and simplify the user experience. In this regard, a demonstrator has been developed to illustrate the intended user experience. Further development of the demonstrator to a production ready solution is under planning. 

We really appreciate feedback in case you have issues or comments. Please send them to

Information about the BAPP2 demonstrator

  • The demonstrator is now available for test for interested users at Norwegian banks and BankID merchants
  • Right now, the demonstrator is available for test together with the test bank Vesterfjell Sparebank. Over the summer of 2018, interested banks will also be able to integrate the demonstrator into their own merchant application over the OIDC Provider from BankID. More information about this will be made available shortly
  • The demonstrator is only available on Apple devices, minimum requirements are iOS11 or later and minimum iPhone 6 or an iPad of recent date, browser support currently limited to Safari
  • The solution supports both a 1-channel scenario (merchant site and app on same device) and a 2-channel scenario (merchant site and app on different devices)
  • The app is distributed through Apple's Testflight app
  • In addition to the app itself, you need a user in BankID pre-production. This needs to be provided when activating the app

Register for BAPP2 testing

  1. Send an email to providing your full name, email address, name of the organization you are working. You also need a user in BankID pre-production. If you already possess such a user, you should use it with its corresponding credentials when activating the app. If not, we will create a user for you. If you want it to be the same as your national identity number, you need to provide the number in the email. Otherwise, we will generate a random user name for you.
  2. Download/install Testflight on the device you want to test the app on
  3. You will receive an email from Apple as soon as the app is ready for installation. Usually, this will happen within a few hours, but it may take 1-2 business days. If case you have requested a user in BankID pre-production, you will also get an email from BankID containing username, password and one-time code

Get started with BAPP2 testing

  1. Install the BankID app (from within the Testflight app)
  2. Follow the instructions in the app for first time activation (involves a normal BankID authentication)
  3. You are now ready to perform a BankID authentication, starting either on the mobile device or in a browser on your laptop
  4. When starting the authentication in a browser, please visit

Known issues

  1. When activating the app, some users experience an error message related to licensing (see below). Please ignore the message, the app has probably been activated correctly anyway.


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