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DescriptionDemonstrates how an end user can be enrolled on the xID service via a normal visit to his online bank. xID enrollment happens right after a normal BankID login. The immediate benefit for the user is that xID is used to remember the username (fødselsnummer or mobilnr/fødselsdato) at the next login to the online bank, thus saving the end user for the first ordinary BankID dialogue.Demonstrates how an end user that is already enrolled for the xID service can get tailored content at login. At the first login to the news portal the end user needs to accept that xID is used by the news portal.Demonstrates how an end user that is already enrolled for the xID service can get directly to check-out without the tedious proces to register his name and contact address. All required information is automatially provided by xID, assuming that the end user accepts use of xID in the actual context.Simple admin page that allows an already enrolled xID user to remove himself from the xID demonstrator.


Please use your own personal BankID or BankID on Mobile for the preview environment.

For the pre-prod environment specific test BankIDs must been used. Such test BankIDs can be order as a self-service via the RA-light certificate tool.