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StepDescriptionResponsibleTaskDeadlineStatusDocuments and notes
10) Request activation

TSP/Bank need to send a request to Vipps

TSP and Bank


Mal for bestillingen vil bli laget
11) Activation and switchover coordinationVipps will coordinate the switchover with all stakeholders.Vipps

Vipps will coordinate with the required resources.

If not already set, agree on the date and time for:

  •  1. Activation of New RA XML Sign Certificate
  •  2. Switchover 
  •  3. Revoke RA XML (Optional)

Normally happens within the same 24h.


12) Activation

Vipps is to activate the new certificates.

This is normally done during the same day as the Switchover.


Activate the new RA XML Sign certificate(s) in BankID COI.

Performed by AO with PKI involved.


13) Certificate checkCheck that the certificate is workingTSP and Bank

TSP/Bank needs to check that the new activated certificate is working towards ODS. 

Check that the new certificate have access to display the existing certificates on the old CA.


14) Switchover and revoke

Plan and implement the switchover and revoke.

TSP, Bank and Vipps
  1. TSP/Bank: Write a request for switchover issuing CA in BankID COI from old to New CA. Include the time wanted for this. Send by email to with cc and
  2. Vipps:
    1. Do the switchover
    2. Those who perform the switchover will inform the TSP/Bank by phone when it has been done
  3. TSP/Bank: Run test case sets to verify
    1. TSP/Bank: If successful, move to the next step
    2. Vipps: If unsuccessful, investigate and resolve then move to next step
    3. Vipps: if unsuccessful, not possible to fix, do a rollback
  4. (optional. If not done, the certificate will be active on the old CA until it expires) Bank/TSP: Send an order for revoke of old RA XML Sign certificate in BankID COI by email to with cc and
  5. (optional) Vipps: Revoke the old certificate


Mal for bestillingen vil bli laget

Skjema for revokering legges her

15) Renewals 

Renewals of end users, merchants etc.

As decided in step 1.

TSP and Bank
  1. Bank renew end user BankID certificates
  2. Bank asks merchants to renew merchant BankID's using HAT
  3. Possible change of OTP Service by adding a new and then removing the old

This is best to be done outside of peak hours to reduce the risk of latencies.