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General Services with general availablity services support full-scale production. Limited availability services support Services with limited availability include preview (pilots and proof-of-concepts) and/or pre-prod production (test).


Services may be provided via dedicated interfaces and/or via the OpenID Connect Provider as suggested by the second column

real(error)Merchant activation (sign)
ServiceVia OIDCprodpreviewpre-prodprotoypecomment
Service-level 99,7%best-effort98%unstable 
Certificates / data prodrealprodtesttestpre-prodpre-prod 
General availability      
BankID auth(tick)(tick)(error)(tick)(error)Netcentric Web-clientIdentification via netcentric PKI at highest level-of-assurance (LoA4).
BankID 2.0 sign(error)(tick)(error)(tick)(error)Netcentric Web-clientSigning via netcentric PKI at highest level-of-assurance (LoA4). Former 2.0 architecture (without client proxy)
BankID 2.1 sign(error)(tick)(error)(tick)(error)Netcebtric Web-client. Latest Signing via netcentric PKI at highest level-of-assurance (LoA4). Current 2.1 architecture (with client proxy)
BankID on Mobile auth(tick)(tick)(error)(tick)(error)Private key Identification via PKI on SIM at highest level-of-assurance (LoA4).
BankID on Mobile sign(error)(tick)(error)(tick)(error)Private key on SIMSigning via PKI on SIM at highest level-of-assurance (LoA4).
Additional information (TINFO)(tick) (only)(tick)(error)(tick)(error)Supports lookup of private address & phone number via
2020-01-31_09-55-01_xID(tick) (only)(tick)(error)(tick)(error)Identification via device detection at a basic level-of-assurance (LoA2).
Limited availability     BankID OpenID Connect 
BankID App (BAPP)(tick) (only)(error)(tick)(error)(tick)(error)(tick)Supports BankID and BankID on Mobile. Includes additional info
Additional info(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)Supports private address & phone number
BankID via app to relief end-users from HW-tokens and passwords
BankID RA-lightNA(error)(error)(tick)(tick)(error)Self-service for test-certificates (including netcentric, mobil, merchant)
BankID Sky-MATNA(error)(tick)(tick)(error)Cloud-based activation service for merchant certs
BankID Open B2B(error)NA(error)(tick)(tick)(error)Use of BankID merchant certs without dependencies to BankID-server