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Services with general availablity support full-scale production. Services with limited availability include preview (pilots and proof-of-concepts) and/or pre-production (test).

Certificates / dataprodprodpre-prodpre-prod 
General availability     
BankID auth(tick)(error)(tick)(error)Netcentric Web-client
BankID 2.0 sign(tick)(error)(tick)(error)Netcentric Web-client. Former 2.0 architecture (without client proxy)
BankID 2.1 sign(tick)(error)(tick)(error)Netcebtric Web-client. Latest 2.1 architecture (with client proxy)
BankID on Mobile auth(tick)(error)(tick)(error)Private key on SIM
BankID on Mobile sign(tick)(error)(tick)(error)Private key on SIM
Limited availability     
BankID OpenID Connect(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)Supports BankID auth and BankID on Mobile auth. Includes additional info
Additional info(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)Supports lookup of private address & phone number via
BankID RA-light(error)(error)(tick)(tick)Self-service for test-certificates (including netcentric, mobil, merchant)
BankID Sky-MAT(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)Cloud-based activation service for merchant certs
BankID Open B2B(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)Use of BankID merchant certs without dependencies to BankID-server

1) Only available from development partners with whitelisted IP-addresses