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The OIDC Provider from BankID supports the following standard endpoints. Please see availability and access for the API baseurl for each of the support configurations and/or enviroments.

(tick) = According to standard. (error) = Feature restriction. (warning) = In progress / future support. (info) = Custom additions


Openid-configuration (metadata)

(tick)According to standard

Jwk (signing keys)

(tick)According to standard


(tick) (error) (warning)According to standard with some restrictions and future support for some features


(tick) (warning)According to standard with future support for some features


(tick) (error)According to standard with some restrictions


(tick) (info) According to standard with some additions

The Userinfo endpoint differs from the rest since it is actually a Protected Endpoint for the Resource Server associated with the TINFO service. Protected Endpoints for the PSD2 service is beyond the scope of the REST API of the OIDC Provider from BankID.

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