JS Connector

The OIDC Provider from BankID comes with a Javascript API that simplifies integration with the REST API for front-end based OIDC Clients. This API is referred to as the JS Connector and can be used with any of the supported IDPs, and also includes support for the TINFO service. It supports several combinations of user experience and message flows, each with different  considerations. The chosen integration method may cause a window, redirected page or iframe to appear showing any dialogs relevant for the OIDC session. Depending on the chosen flow, endpoints at the back-end of the OIDC Client must be implemented to perform appropriate Token and TINFO requests to retrieve data about the authenticated user.

See the following sections with further information on how to use the JS Connector with the OIDC Provider from BankID:

See also full source code examples on GitHub for use of the JS Connector.