Release Notes

This release of the OpenID Connect Provider from BankID is referred to as  2017-12-06 Luxembourg (OIDC) and is built on top of Keycloak.

The predecessor to this release is 2017-02-02 BankID Pilot (OIDC)

The following products are supported by this release and may have been changed since any predecessor release:


This release is not backwards compatible with the predecessor release 2017-02-02 BankID Pilot (OIDC). New OIDC clients must be provisioned and API migration is required. See the changelog for further information.

This release is no longer available in PRE-PROD and PROD and has been replaced by 2018-01-31 London (OIDC). The replacement release  2018-01-31 London (OIDC) is backwards compatible with this release.

The following sub-sections contains further information on this particular release of the OIDC Provider.