Availability and access

OIDC Clients must be proivisioned (configured) in the OIDC Provider in order to gain access to its various services. Security credentials resulting from the provisioning processes are subsequently used to authenticate with the OIDC Provider.

  • PRE-PROD: Please visit the OIDC preprod service desk to request provisioning of an OIDC Client in test/pre-prod for this release of the OIDC Provider.
  • PROD: Please contact salg@bankidnorge.no to request provisioning of an OIDC Client in production for this release of the OIDC Provider. A valid contract with BankID Norge AS or one of its resellers is required for provisioning in production.

  • CURRENT: Please visit the OIDC current service desk to request provisioning of an OIDC Client for test in current for this release of the OIDC Provider.

 The following information must be supplied as part of the provisioning request:  

No What

Description of the OIDC Client and its intended use. 


Contact information for both technical and commercial issues.


Requested OAuth2 flows (code, hybrid, implicit)


Requested client authentication method (only  client_secret_basic is currently supported)


Requested Identity Providers. If BankID is requested, optionally a BankID Merchant certificate to be used, thus replacing the default certificate of the OIDC Service itself.


Requested Value Added Services (VASs).


One of more URLs where control will redirected back to the OIDC client (redirect URLs must be pre-registered for safety reasons).


A display name for the OIDC Client that will be shown in the header of the (default) OIDC dialogues.

9 Requested access to Norwegian National Identity Number. Note that such access will only be granted for eligible applications.

The provisioning process results in the return of a client_id and a client_secret that the OIDC Client must use to authenticate itself over the REST API for the OIDC Provider.