AML and compliance

AML/KYC requirements are a “moving target” and continually growing the demands on compliance. 

BankID AML is an API toolkit that helps the merchant do its share in countering money laundering and terror financing and closing the gap in being compliant with the AML legislation.  At the same time operational efficiencies and capacity increases.

The different resources are designed to be integrated into the merchant's customer due to diligence processes and help save time spent doing lookups for data in many separate sources.

The following resources are in place.


The person resource is used to screen and gather data about an individual for a customer due diligence process, either a private customer or an individual that holds a role in an organization.


The organization resource is used to screen and gather information about a business or organization for a B2B customer due to the diligence process, in combination with the person resource.

Continuous screening

The continuous screening service is used to keep tabs on your customer base and get noticed as soon as an individual becomes a pep or is listed on a sanction list.