BankID offers several customization options to the user interface that the end user is presented with:

You can add your own custom logo and a custom display name (merchant name) that gives more context for the end-user. The name and logo is supplied as a part of the provisioning process to the test and production environment.

Below you can see an example where the merchant name is OIDC Testclient, and the custom logo is shown in the upper right corner.

The requirements for the logo is 300 x 60 px, maximum 10kB, and PNG/SVG format.

Display mode

The standard user interface presented to the end-user is modern, responsive and accessible. However, merchants are able to control some aspects of the user interface to provide a more consistent user experience in some situations. For example, when integrating BankID in a mobile application there is less screen real estate than on a desktop.

This is controlled via the display parameter.

Default display mode (display=page)

Mobile app friendly mode (display=touch)


Popup/frame friendly mode (display=popup)