OIDC Clients must be provisioned (configured) in order to gain access to the services supported by the OpenID Connect Provider from BankID. See the section on how to get started for a non-technical introduction.

The provisioning process is separate for each supported environment as shown in the following table. Provisioning results in security credentials being issued to the requesting party. The client must use these credentials to authenticate with selected endpoints of the API of the OIDC Provider. Client configurations are maintained across releases of the OIDC Provider in each environment unless specified otherwise.

EnvironmentClient provisioning requests

When you have an associated BankID partner, the partner will take care of this for you. We strongly recommend deciding upon a BankID partner early on, even if you plan to do the integration work yourself.

You may, however, get provisioned in CURRENT by submitting an Access request in our service desk for the OIDC test environment. Supply the required information and submit. Please note that we offer no customer support at this service desk.

PRODIn order to get a production client, you need a commercial agreement with a BankID partner. They will take care of this for you.

BankID merchant certificate

See the below table for instructions on how to obtain dedicated certificates for each of the environments. BankID will be responsible for installation, hosting and management of the dedicated certificate on behalf of the requesting party. 

EnvironmentDedicated BankID certificates
CURRENTPlease use the RA self-service tool for PRE-PROD to order a test certificate for your organization. After an order is completed please use the tool to also activate the certificate in question. Then download the resulting certificate file (.bid file) and attach it to your provisioning request along with the pre-set password (qwer1234) for the certificate file.

The BankID certificate will be created and linked to your OIDC client upon signing the commercial agreement.