E-sign product comparison

Feature overview

Three different integration flows are available for signing on the BankID OIDC platform. Each flow offers a subset of features summarized in the table below.
The two full flow alternatives give support for the most advanced use cases through utilization of the SignDoc resource server. The simplified flow is an easier integration alternative but is limited to text signing.




Signature types
  • Combined end user and merchant signature
  • End user signature only
  • Combined end user and merchant signature
  • Combined end user and merchant signature
Document types
  • PDF
  • Text
  • XML
  • PDF
  • Text (limited length)
Number of documentsMultipleMultipleSingle

Identity Providers

  • BankID netcentric
  • BankID netcentric
  • BankID on mobile (single text only, max 118 characters)
  • BankID netcentric (max. 150 characters)
  • BankID on mobile (max. 118 characters)

Multiple end user signatures in same envelope

Serial signing (PAdES increments)

  • User interface options
  • Timeout for the user signing
  • Configuration of visible seals
  • User interface options
  • Timeout for the user signing

Result content
  • PAdES envelope
  • PAdES appendix
  • Document hash
  • SEID-SDO envelope
  • Basic signature
  • Document hash
  • Basic signature
  • Document hash

A different subset of the signing functionality is available directly through BankID Server implementations. See E-sign compatibility matrix for comparison.

A note on BankID on mobile - now deprecated

BankID web client (netcentric) is the default identity provider used for signing. For text-only signing (Simple-text or SEID-SDO) it is possible to use BankID on mobile instead - for a limited time only as BankID on mobile is going away.

In order to use BankID on mobile, the authorization request must contain login_hint=BIM[:[phoneNumber][:birthDate]] as a query parameter.

BankID on mobile has the following limitations:

  • Only supports text signing (simplified flow)
  • The text can be maximum 118 characters long.
  • Only the following character set is supported:
    [0-9] [a-z] [æ] [ø] [å] [A-Z] [Æ] [Ø] [Å] [ ][CR] [LF] [#] [$] [%-&] [(-?] [@] [¡] [£] [¤] [¥] [§] [¿] [Ä] [Ç] [É] [Ñ] [Ö] [Ü] [ß] [à] [ä] [è] [é] [ì] [ñ] [ò] [ö] [ù]
  • Show understanding and show confirmation flags do not apply.
  • English locale is not supported.