Authenticating with BankID

For some organizations, giving end users easy access to their services is more important than being sure about the end user's identity. But for others, being 100% confident on the end user's identity is of utmost importance. Just imagine if someone else was given access to your bank account or your health records, if someone could impersonate you in context of the housing register or public services, or if someone could register for a credit loan in your name. Generally, the more sensitive a customer relationship is in nature, the more value should be placed on verifying end users' identity.

BankID offers authentication on the highest level of security.

This product is widely used in the Norwegian market today - BankID is the preferred authentication method for public services, bank services, and a lot of other business segments and applications. With over 4 million BankID end users, you can be sure that your customers have a secure authentication method when going forward with BankID.

BankID Authentication allows you to verify the end user's identity with the highest security level according to Norwegian and EU legislation

Using our APIs for Authentication

Using the approach outlined below will return the end user's identity in the form of an ID token. The information contained in this token may be used to match the user against an existing customer profile, and thus allowing the user to enter as his/her identity has been confirmed by BankID.

StepWhat you doEndpointMethodConsiderationsRemarks

Get the key properties of the OIDC provider


2Build the authorization URL, and redirect the user to the authorization endpointauthorizeGETIn the callback, make sure to check for error and matching statesThis is where the end user interacts with the BankID IDP selector and gives credentials for authentication (see user experience for details)
3Exchange authorization code for tokenstokenPOSTCheck matching nonce

Use the ID Token to identify the user. For other services, such as electronic signing or digital onboarding, also note that you can...

4Fetch our public keys and use these to validate token signaturesjwkGET