The AML Service provides data that enable merchants to fulfill requirements related to KYC (Know Your Customer) and/or AML (Anti-Money Laundering). 

The service supports assessment of

  • individuals (persons)
  • organizations

The person resource

The following dataset is offered in addition to the base identity (Name and SSN) provided by BankID:

  • Residential address from the national registry ("Folkeregisteret" / DSF). We will deliver residential address from other public sources if your company has not applied for the DSF register.
  • Search results from available sources on PEP (Politically Exposed Person) og RCA (Relative or Close Associate)
  • Search results from sanction lists (EU og UN)

Three variants of the resource is available, where the first and second requires that the individual is first identified with BankID at the highest level of assurance.

  1. Identifying the individual via the BankID IDP in the OIDC Provider from BankID
  2. Identifying the individual via data embedded in a BankID SDO that is the result of an individual signing a document with BankID in the legacy way via BankID Server.
  3. Assessment of individuals (based on SSN) without any associated identification with BankID

The first variant is associated with a regular end-user OIDC Flows whereas the second and third variant uses the Client Credential Flow. The AML services responds with the same set of data for all variants. 

In addition to JSON formatted structured data, a signed PDF report containing the same information is also available.

The organization resource


The following dataset is offered:

key information (delivered by default)

  • Company name
  • Org number
  • DUNS number
  • Lei number
  • Organization type
  • Country
  • Registered date
  • Webpage
  • Employees
  • Member of registries
  • Sources

Possible additional data that you can choose

To query additional details, a client must declare this explicitly as part of the request by usage of the "expand" parameter. Se API documentation for further details.

Information Details

Certificate of registration

  • Postal address
  • Visiting address
Financials: Accounting Last tree years
Financials: Key figures Share capital, turnover, operating profit, equity, earnings, sources, accounting years
Financials: Auditor Name, org number, sources

Financials: Credit history

Last tree years

Financials: Accountant

Financials: Credit

Rating AAA etc.

Lei number

Ownership: Beneficials

Name, address, owner share, date of birth, roles

Ownership: Subsidiaries

name, org number, percentage (owned by the company)

Ownership: Shareholders

name, org number, percentage, type (organization or person) 


Here you will find: signature rights and power of procuration.

Official Roles

Roles delivered: CEO, chairman, board members, deputy members


Status, message (if no hit), matchIndicator, matchIndicatorDescription,

aliasList, address, source (listname), data provider (source) Initial date, LastUpdate 

The following expand arguments are present in the API docs, but they are currently not supported until the associated functionality becomes available in a future release.

  • links.reports.*


See separate AML API documentation for technical details about the HTTP API. 


API Documentation


The AML service is not available for external test purposes in the PREPROD environment.

Example test subjects has been prepared with positive search results in the test environments. 


Note that OIDC Clients must be provisioned to gain access to the AML service. Access is provisioned on a per-scope basis

Further reading

See the following sections for further details on the current AML service: