Testing tools

Test tools

To experience the capabilities of the BankID OIDC Provider, please visit the following test client and select the designated environment from the dropdown menu as appropriate.

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More test-tools for BankID can be found at https://confluence.bankidnorge.no/confluence/display/DEVPUB

Test users

Public Test Environment (CURRENT)

See Environments for more details on which environment is suitable for a merchant to test with.

Both Current and preproduction uses merchants and users from BankID Preproduction:

BankID Netcentric test users

For netcentric BankID, we supply a self-service portal for creating test-users. This self-service portal is available for everybody and can be accessed at http://ra-preprod.bankidnorge.no

  • Default OTP and passwords for users created using this portal is otp and qwer1234
  • A userguide for this service is available here: RA Light User Guide

BankID on Mobile test users

For BankID OIDC, there's no need to order test users for BankID on Mobile, as the BankID OIDC Provider works in the same way as for BankID netcentric. Associated partners can, however, request this on behalf of their customers if this is dearly desired.


There is a limited set of users which can be used for testing with the https://confluence.bankidnorge.no/confluence/display/PDOIDC/AML+(VAS) with the PEP- and Sanction-registers.  


There are currently no available test-users for the production environment. If merchants choose to test with production in staging areas, they will have to use real BankID-users.