The BankID IDP in the OIDC Provider is a multi-tennant service having the capability to host several BankID merchant certificates. In its default configuration all OIDC Clients share a common BankID merchant certificate associated with the BankID OIDC Service itself. Alterntively, an OIDC Client may be configured with its own BankID merchant certificate. The BankID IDP supports each of the BankID B2C Services (netcentric and mobile).

BankID via the OIDC Provider is currently restricted to authentication. Future support for BankID signing may be added.

There are several benefits for merchants integrating BankID over OIDC rather than using a legacy integration via a locally installed BankID-server:

An OpenID Client make use of BankID either via login hints directly in the REST API or via integration with the BankID Connector