The TINFO-service ("Tilleggsinfo") implements Userinfo, i.e. a Protected Resource endpoint according to the OIDC standards. Userinfo supports claims about the authenticated user beyond what is contained directly in the ID Token. See separate pages for further details on the following:

The TINFO-service does in addition support the following features in conjunction with consent handling:

Whenever the user is requested to update his data he may choose to retrive data from an external source. The following table shows currently supported sources. More external data sources may be added as future options. Note that a data source may not offer data for each of the relevant scopes. Note further that the end-user may need to authenticate himself according to the requirements for each particular source. 

(tick) = Supported, (error) = Not supported





(error)(tick)(tick) may contain both business and private contact points for any user. Currently only private contact points are used.