The PSD2-service provides support for a set of non-standard scopes and claims that are associated with various use-cases under PSD2, including both PISP-scenarios and AISP-scenarios. Moreover, the PSD2-service supports a range of Access Tokens with characteristics tailored to each of the supported scopes/use-cases. Finally, the PSD2-service supports specific consent handling for each of the supported scopes/use-cases.

See the following sections for further details of the PSD2 service:



The following is important to be aware of regarding the PSD2 service:

  • It does not include the implementation of any resource endpoint. This is the responsibility of each ASPSP that uses the PSD2-service offered by the OIDC Provider from BankID
  • It may restrict the set of IDP options that are available to an AISP/PISP for each of the supported use-cases. Each ASPSP is souvereign in deciding which IDP-options to make available for his service