The set of claims supported by TINFO via Userinfo is shown in the below table. Supported claims contain both standard items  and custom additions for the OIDC Provider from BankID. The standard claims isssub, aud and updated_at are always returned. The following conditions must otherwise be met for any particular claim to be returned:

  1. The OIDC Client must request the scope associated with the claim
  2. The claim must be configured for the OIDC Client at the OIDC Provider
  3. The end-user must give his consent if the claim demands consent handling

Due to (2) and (3), note that the set of returned claims may differ from the set of requested claims (1). The set of allowed claim for any particular Access Token is resolved by Introspection.

Five different scope configurations are supported as suggested by the below table, corresponding to the standard scopes profileemailphone and  address and the non-standard scope nnin. Note that some of the claims associated with the profile scope are returned with the ID Token whereas others are returned via Userinfo. Among all supported claims, note that nnin is available only to eligible OIDC Clients. The end-user is always in control of the set of claims that is actually returned since most claims demand consent from the end-user.

The OIDC Provider from BankID supports signed responses from Userinfo.

(tick) = Supported according to standard, (warning) = In progress / future support, (info) = Custom addition, (thumbs up) = Require end-user consent

ClaimSupportConsentExampleDescriptionCommentEditorial comment
iss(tick) https://preview.bankidapis.noIssuer Identifier for the Issuer  
sub(tick) 9578-5999-4-1765512Subject Identifier  
aud(tick) DotNetClientAudienceAlways includes client_id 
updated_at(warning) 1468582440Update timeEpoc time of latest update of any data element behind any of the supported claimsMust be added
Profile ( scope = profile )
gender(warning)(thumbs up) MaleGenderGender derived from National Identity Number from associated BankID certificateMust be added
Email ( scope = email )
email(warning)(thumbs up)frobnil@something.comPreferred email Must be added
email_verified(warning) falseVerification status of preferred email Must be added
all_emails(info) (warning)(thumbs up){{"email":"","email_verified":false},{"email":"","email_verified":false}}Alle emails with verification status Must be added
Phone ( scope = phone )
phone_number(tick)(thumbs up)95871775Preferred phone numer  
phone_number_verified(tick) falseVerification status of preferrred phone numerDepending on the source for the number. Numbers for BankID on Mobile are regarded as verified.Numbers from other sources may also be regarded verified.
all_phone_numbers(info) (thumbs up){{"number":"95871775","number_verified":false},{"number":"46897469","number_verified":false},{"number":"94782958","number_verified":false}}All phone numbers with verification status  
Address ( scope = address )
address(tick)(thumbs up){ "formatted": "Lybekkveien 11C\n0772 Oslo\nNorway", "country": "Norway", "street_address": "Lybekkveien 11C", "postal_code": "0772", "locality": "Oslo", "house_number": "11", "house_letter": "C", "street_name": "Lybekkveien", "verified": false }Preferred postal addressStandardized claim with both standardized and non-standard sub-claims 
address.verified(info) (warning) falseVerification status of preferred postal address Must be added
address.formatted(tick)(thumbs up)Lybekkveien 11C\n0772 Oslo\nNorwayFull mailing address  
address.street_address(tick)(thumbs up)Lybekkveien 11CFull street address  
address.locality(tick)(thumbs up)OsloCity or locality  
address.postal_code(tick)(thumbs up)0772Postal code up)NorwayCountry  
address.street_name(info)(thumbs up)Lybekkveien

 Street name component from street_address

 To be reviewed
address.house_numer(info)(thumbs up)11House number component from street_address To be reviewed
address.house_letter(info)(thumbs up)CHouse letter component from street_address To be reviewed
all_addresses(info) (warning)(thumbs up){{ "formatted": "Lybekkveien 11C\n0772 Oslo\nNorway", "country": "Norway", "street_address": "Lybekkveien 11C", "postal_code": "0772", "locality": "Oslo", "house_number": "11", "house_letter": "C", "street_name": "Lybekkveien", "verified": false }, { "formatted": "Munkedamsveien 45A\n0250 Oslo\nNorway", "country": "Norway", "street_address": "Munkedamsveien 45A", "postal_code": "0250", "locality": "Oslo", "house_number": "45", "house_letter": "A", "street_name": "Munkedamsveien", "verified": false } }All addresses with verification status Must be added
National Identity Number ( scope = nnin )
nnin(info) 181266*****Norwegian National Identity Number (fødselsnummer)Available only to eligible OIDC Client