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We have released a new version of BankID to the PreProduction environment. The release comes in two flavours - Merchant and Bank.

The documentation is now moved to confluence and we will have to add you before you get access - this is a one time process.

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Link to software: Kiev Software Bank


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Link to software: Kiev Software Merchant

Planned release overview 

ReleaseETADescriptionRelated KMFComments

Sign2 Phase1

New signing functionalities and improvements on BackEnd and FrontEnd components.



MGMFETo be decidedMGMFE compability with TLS versions higher than 1.0

The patch was released Week 26 2017. However rolled back as there was reported some problems with the patch.
BankID DatabaseTo be decidedMigrate BankID Database from Oracle 11g to 12c. Oracle will soon stop support for Oracle database 11g.

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