Merger under the same TSP

Date and time for the merger

Other information:

  • It is possible to change the issuing CA for an originator, but not possible to merge originators.
  • Merchant certificates can be renewed until the issuer revokes it. It is necessary to issue a new activation URL and distribute this before the old certificate is set to revoked.

Before the merger:

StepDescriptionResponsibleTaskDeadlineStatusDocuments and notes
1) Set up internal routinesThe respective TSP or Bank will require to have in place internal routines for move or merger of RA's.TSP or Bank

Decide the following:

  • How to deal with the OTP tokens
  • End user impact
  • Information to end users
  • How to deal with logs and how/who to archive (admin logs for certificates)
  • Which originator will be used after the merger
  • If the originator will change name or not

Note that the TSP/Bank is responsible for handling the end user certificates through the whole process, including revoke of old certificates.


2) Inform BITSThe respective TSP or Bank will require to inform BITS about the following move or merger.

TSP or Bank


3a) If originator name change

The respective TSP or Bank have to fill out required order forms with the new name and send it to BankID signed.

TSP or Bank


Order form templates can be found here: Misc forms for BankID Support

3b) Change the nameBankID will change the nameBankIDBankID will create a change to update the originator with the new name.


4) If no originator name change 

No order is necessary.

After the merger:

StepDescriptionResponsibleTaskDeadlineStatusDocuments and notes
5) Renewals 

Renewals of end users, merchants etc.

As decided in step 1.

TSP and Bank
  1. Bank renew end user BankID certificates
  2. Bank asks merchants to renew merchant BankID's using HAT
  3. Possible change of OTP Service by adding a new and then removing the old

This is best done outside of peak hours to reduce the risk of latencies.


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