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The end-user tools work against a dummy test-merchant. The demosite is a configurable test-merchant in itself.

End-user tools     
Test your browser for BankIDbrowser-testnabrowser-testbrowser-testdoc
Test auth with BankIDauthnaauthauthdoc
Test single-doc sign with BankIDsign-pdfnasign-pdfsign-pdfdoc
Test multi-doc sign with BankIDsign-multinasign-multisign-multidoc
Test auth with BankID on Mobiletbcnatbcnatbc
Test sign with BankID on Mobiletbcnatbcna


Test additional info with BankIDnaextrainfoextrainfoextrainfo doc
Demosite BankID 2.1demositenademositenana
Demosite BankID 2.0demosite-2.0nademosite-2.0nana

1) Only available from development partners with whitelisted IP-addresses


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