API Versions

Here is a list of available versions of BankID OIDC. Each version may introduce changes to APIs, claims in tokens etc. that merchants may or may not need to react to.

The purpose of versioning is to provide merchants with a controlled upgrade of BankID OIDC, especially when changes on the merchant side are needed. 

See also our deprecation page for upcoming changes to our APIs.

You should regularly check which version is available as over time the default version will change over time. (announced via Statuspage updates)

VersionChangesBackward compatibility
1 (default)
  • This is the current version of BankID OIDC
  • New claim in ID and Access tokens:
    • api_ver
      • indicates which version of BankID OIDC was used to generate the token
  • Changed amr claim from a String to an array of Strings.
    • amr
      • "BID" → ["bid"]
      • "BIS" → ["bis-mfa", "bis-bid"]
  • Incompatible!
    • Changed format of amr claim from a String to an array of Strings.

How to enable another version

To enable a different version that the default one, you can provide the api_version query parameter to the Authorization Request