Operational Status

Information about the operational status for the products and services delivered via the BankID OIDC provider is available on the webpage known as the "BankID Services status page".

The information is separated into different components, and it can be consumed in a couple of different ways.

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This operational status page shows information about a range of different BankID products, such as BankID authentication or signing with the OIDC provider, as well as BankID App and BankID AML.

The following components reflect the operational status of the products in the BankID OIDC provider:

OIDC authentication - BankIDIdentification using netcentric BankID
OIDC authentication - BankID on mobileIdentification using BankID on mobile

OIDC signing - BankID

Signing using netcentric BankID
OIDC signing - BankID on mobileSigning using BankID on mobile
OIDC authorizationThe authorization service is necessary to gain access to resource servers, such as BankID AML.

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Integrate into your monitoring system

A technical JSON representation of the status information can be requested by using the HTTP Accept header.


curl -i -H "Accept: application/json" https://bankid-services.statuspage.io/

BankID Server and BankID OIDC separation

Note that the components in the BankID Services statuspage are dedicated to the products delivered via the BankID OIDC provider.

Other customers using the legacy BankID Server interface should instead explore the BankID Statuspage API for this purpose.

BankID Server and OIDC statuspage separation