Document and Text Signing


This page is intended to be a quick-start guide for developers who seek to implement a solution for electronic signing. The page will outline a quick-start guide for using our APIs in this context.

We emphasize that even though this guide contains most of the information needed to set up electronic signing with BankID, you'll need a commercial agreement with one of our partners in order to go live.

We encourage you to do this as early as possible. For more information on this, check out our how to get started guide.


Simple flow

For simple-text signing, you will add with some extra query parameters in the authorize request. The signing results will be available as a claim in the ID token.

Note that the text length has a limit of 118 characters for BankID on mobile and 150 characters for BankID Netcentric. Longer text can be signed with BankID netcentric using the SEID-SDO flow.

For more details, see:

Full flow

The two full flow alternatives makes use of the SignDoc resource server in addition to the authorize-endpoint, enabling the merchant to upload documents and control a more complex sign order and its properties.

The merchant must request an Access token with client credential grant to create and upload the sign order before the user interacts with BankID. After the user has signed, the result is then downloaded from our resource servers.

See the relevant implementation guide for your choice of feature set: