Introducing BankID OIDC

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With secure authentication and signing with BankID your business can recognize 4 million Norwegians digitally.

That means secure transactions, easy onboarding of new customers and secure signing of of contracts.

With BankID we make things easier for your company, and your customers. 

Get started

1 Specify your business objectives

What problems do you need to solve? Our BankID services cater to different business objectives

Get in touch and we'll set up an informal chat about what we can do for you.

2 Select a BankID partner

Different types of businesses have different needs. Some need authentication for Norwegian end users only, while others cater to several markets and are also in need of simplified onboarding processes and electronic signing. Some businesses want to be as hands-on as possible and plan to do the bulk of the integration work themselves, while others want to outsource the integration work to experts while paying more attention to business objectives.

In order to meet such various needs and expectations, BankID is distributed through the use of partners. A BankID partner is typically an expert on eID solutions, and have wide fold experience working with customers across industries and business needs. Our BankID partners may offer you more value depending on your needs, such as

  • Extended functionality (such as access to other national eID providers)
  • Easy access to more products and services (such as signing portals and payment solutions)
  • Integration assistance or outsourcing
  • Quicker access to support

As all BankID merchants must be associated with a BankID partner for the commercial agreement needed to go live, we strongly encourage everyone to get in touch with a partner as early as possible in the process. Getting in touch with a BankID partner early on can help you avoid pitfalls such as

  • Integrating directly towards our APIs when in reality you would be more suited going with the APIs from one of our partners that provide more functionality that is needed for your case
  • Getting stuck in the integration process without the involvement of a partner, and as such without the support needed to move forward

Not sure which partner is the right one for you? Please let us know, and we'll be happy to help you select the best fit

3 Integrate and test

Depending on your approach, your BankID partner may assist you in integrating towards the BankID services.

If you're moving forward with a more direct approach, we encourage your to take a look at our technical documentation.

Here, you'll find everything needed to integrate towards our APIs, including endpoints, developer guides and code examples.

Testing tools and a test application are available to test and get familiar with the OIDC Provider and its supported services.

4 Go live

When done testing, the final step is to go live. Your partner will assist you in signing the commercial agreement needed in order to move to production. Subsequently, you'll get the credentials needed to go into production.