On this page, we'll post some of our most frequently asked questions.

Commercial FAQs

BankID Partners

Do I need a partner to go live with BankID?

Yes. We have a distribution model that involves partners in order to provide merchants with the best possible value proposition, and assistance in terms of going in production. Check out our partners for more info. Also, check out our Get Started page, outlining the main steps you must go through in order to go live.

...even if I want to do the integration myself?

Yes. Partners are needed for the commercial agreement, and even if you plan to do the integration work yourself, you'll need a partner in order to go live. We have partners that are well suited for only handling the commercial side of things, and leaving the technical details up to you. Check out our partners, or get in touch and we'll help you move forward.

Am I free to choose a BankID partner myself?

Yes! You have full autonomy in selecting the BankID partner that best suit your needs. If you're not sure which one to go for, feel free to get in touch for a non-committal chat about your eID needs, and we'll point you in the right direction.

BankID pricing

How much does BankID cost?

  • Authentication starts at 0,85 NOK
  • Electronic signing starts at 3,99 NOK

We use BankID partners for distributing our products in the best way, and as such, partners handle the payments from merchants. The prices above are what we charge our partners, and the mark-up added by the partner will vary according to the additional services they offer you as a customer.

When is BankID billed?

This depends on what partner you go forward with. Most partners charge usage on a monthly basis.

Technical FAQs


Where can I get credentials for the current environment?

You can use any existing BankID test users. For more information, see Testing tools.


Can I customize the user experience in any way?

Yes! You can provide a display name, custom logo and customize the display mode. See Customization