Use cases for the person resource

B2C and B2B contexts

The person resource is helpful to retrieve information about individuals in a B2C context, but is also used in a B2B context, to retrieve information about relevant roles in the organizations (Chairman of board, beneficial owners etc), provided that you already know who they are. The person resource can be successfully combined with the organization resource. In such cases, the merchant will first retrieve role information about the company from the organization, then use the person resource to get information about the provided individuals, often combined with information provided by the customer himself.

Usage in customer onboarding process or in ongoing customer due diligence

Typically, the person resource will be used before or as part of the onboarding process, often combined with acquiring legitimation with BankID. The person resource can also be used in an ad-hoc fashion, when there is reason for suspicion, or when there is reason to believe that the information has changed. If you have retrieved the SSN and name of the customer, you can at any time check the customer again.