Signing documents online

eIDAS and electronic signatures

An important part of the relationship between organization and user, or business and customer, is the ability to form bilateral agreements. Before, agreements like these were usually made by the use of hand signatures with pen and paper. However, as communication increasingly becomes more digital, organizations and people need a way to form agreements online. Enter electronic signatures.

Electronic signatures, in general, refer to all methods applicable for signing non-printed documents. There are many approaches to electronic signatures, and not all of them are legally binding in the same way as a hand signature. In general, the eIDAS regulations distinguish between three types of electronic signatures:

  • Simple electronic signatures (SES)
  • Advanced electronic signatures (AdES)
  • Qualified electronic signatures (QES)

Within the EU, Qualified electronic signatures are the only ones that are given the same legal value as hand-written signatures. Within Norway, Advanced electronic signatures are also given this legal value.

According to Norwegian legislation, Advanced electronic signatures (AdES) are given the same legal value as hand-written signatures

As such, Advanced electronic signatures can be used to digitize processes that traditionally have relied upon hand-written signatures. The applications here are endless, including

  • Forming a customer relationship
  • B2C, C2C and B2B contracts and transactions
  • Signing loan papers
  • Submitting declarations (for use in e.g. insurance, public services)

BankID electronic signature products

We offer several products related to electronic signing, all of which adherent to the AdES-standard, making them legally binding under Norwegian legislation.


PAdES is our most recent e-signature product, and is well suited for signing PDF documents. It's the only solution that

  • Supports multiple end user signatures through serial signing where the output from one signing session is used as input for the next
  • Allows you to configure the visible seal applied to the PDF document after signing.
  • Supports end-user signature stand-alone (as well as end-user and merchant signatures)


SEID-SDO allows signing of PDF documents, as well as XML-files and plain text.

Simple text signing

Our most basic solution allows signing of text only.

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